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Guess what? When you use the word "retarded" in a fic title when a character isn't ACTUALLY FUCKING RETARDED?



Any use of that word that lessens it's ACTUAL MEDICAL FUCKING DEFINITION is derogatory. I don't give a shit about it's synonyms. If you are using it's synonyms as a reason to use THAT WORD then, guess what? YOU CAN USE THE FUCKING SYNONYMS IN YOUR FIC &/OR TITLE.





Don't fuck with me after I've been battling Walmart on a Saturday afternoon. LOL

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What the hell is this shit???

I'm not a card carrying member of the Tinfoil Hat Brigade, but I do NOT like how that looks.

ETA: Going public with this because it's farking scary and people need to see this.

Day late and dollar short ETA: [livejournal.com profile] principia_coh has a handy dandy template to edit as needed for your letters to Senators and Representatives.

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I love my new icon. *pats it* ... *snogs Hiro* Okay, I'm good. *g*

So. Apparently it's that time of the month again and fandom has her frilly knickers in a twist. Never in my life have I seen a fandom meta more about their fellow fans than they do the subject of the fandom.

When you call someone "batshit" and then blast them for feeling threatened, or complain that a certain ship is the majority and you're sick of seeing it and "why can't they move on already?", then bitch when the majority takes their ball home by locking their posts, you'll have to forgive me when I say you're being a tad hypocritical.

You can't have it both ways. You can either A) Play nicely and stay out of their sandbox OR B) Accept that they've locked you out of the playground and you'll need to find some other kids to steal squee lunch money from. Simple as that. Shippers are not your personal emotional punching bags and they don't have to stand there and keep taking hits if they don't want to. They have every right to lock their posts and keep you out. They have every right to start their own community newsletter based on their ship when they get tired of clicking harmless looking links that turn into shipper bashing threads that would make Simon Cowell blush.

I do lock my fandom thoughts, not because I'm close minded or hate conflict (even though I do hate it) but for the comfort of everyone I know. That and I have better things to do than deal with those who would rather pick a fight than move on. Moving on? Why does that sound familiar?

This isn't a long and insightful meta. I'm pretty much leaving it here as I don't really feel I can say anything I haven't said before or that hasn't been said by folks much more eloquent than myself.

Play nice, stay out of my sandbox and I'll stay out of yours. Sound fair?
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Okay, I need help before I chuck the laptop across the room.

Last night I was using PrintScreen to make caps of Evolution of the Daleks for icons and all was going just fine. I get up this morning and try to continue my work on it and now it's all screwy. I think importing the file to WMP rather than just playing it from the downloaded folder is what did it. I've deleted it from the library, done a system restore, and nothing changed.

I'm not sure how to explain what it's actually doing but basically the video footage remains static while the rest of the screencap of WMP floats around. I can't resize, colorize or anything with the bit that counts. It's like it's on a separate layer but I can't merge it. I've tried this with both PSP8 and MSPaint. Neither works right. Even a screencap of the screencap does this. *bangs head on keyboard*

Help? Please? Chocolate and custom icon for anyone who can tell me how to fix this.
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It is now 32°F(0°C). Feels like 22°F(-5°C) with the wind chill. It snowed last night. At least an inch or two.

Earlier this week it was 80°F(26°C).


What. The. Hell.
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I think I've sprained my wrist.

I was picking up a stray piece of garbage from my front patio. I stepped on the edge where the garden meets the pavement and my ankle gave out. Ankle is fine, it happens all the time due to many previous injuries. But in order to catch myself from falling into the rose bush, I caught all of my weight by jamming my hand and wrist against the side of the house. It twisted and now it's all swollen and a pretty shade of purple. It's not hurting right now due to a healthy dose of Aleve and a wrist brace. It's just uncomfortable.

And it's damn hard to type. LOL
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Well, I've started posting my stuff on Teaspoon. For some reason I had a hard time figuring it out, but I finally did. I'll have them all up eventually.

For now, I have housework to do. I'm so sorry, [personal profile] kalleah. I couldn't stop laughing at it. I am so going to hell. First class ticket, window seat. I like to have a view.
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Today for math, the kids had a word problem that had me cracking up:

Calvin had a stuffed tiger. His father gave him another stuffed tiger. Draw a picture to show the tigers. Write a number sentence to show how many tigers Calvin has now.

I think Calvin would much rather the kids protest under the religious exemption laws for being math atheists.
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While I understand procreation by splitting yourself in two can be traumatic, would you please consider relocating to the spacious 110 lbs of Kaelini rock we have provided for your use? Your other half has chosen a nice crevice on the left side of the tank, right next to to green zoos. Now, I understand it's easier to anchor to smooth glass, but really, I don't need such a clear view of what tantamounts to your backside.

Please take the time to consider my request. I'll keep this brief and close with the suggestion that there is a prime piece of reef real estate around the purple sea fan. Very spacious, prime feeding area, all that jazz. Please consider it. Thanks for your time.

The hand that feeds you,


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