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What the hell is this shit???

I'm not a card carrying member of the Tinfoil Hat Brigade, but I do NOT like how that looks.

ETA: Going public with this because it's farking scary and people need to see this.

Day late and dollar short ETA: [livejournal.com profile] principia_coh has a handy dandy template to edit as needed for your letters to Senators and Representatives.

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but it is amusing to see them eat their own. To think the Freepers would turn on one of their beloved messiahs is just so appropriate.

FWIW, for once Mr. ORLY wasn't that far off the truth. I think that qualifies this as ironic.
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I've stumbled upon something that might help you make sense of all the candidates for the next presidential election. While I have a feeling it will come down to Clinton vs Guiliani, I can hold out hope that both of them will screw up tremendously and be forced out of the running.

Anyway, here's a handy-dandy chart that gives you an idea of their stance on all the major issues. By all means, do not take this as the gospel because politicians will change their tune according to who is paying the band. It also doesn't give you every little nuance of their positions, but it does a good job of sorting out things they've flipped back and forth on. A good guide to know what candidates need more research.

ETA: I wanted to add that this is just showing you what they've SAID, not how they've voted in the House or Senate or what have you, so YMMV.
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Death of the 4th Amendment.

Any of you Canucks want to take on a half-American, half-Brit with family in tow?
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I honestly can't believe I don't discuss politics on here more often. I imagine as the next Presidential election approaches, I will post much more frequently about it. So, along those lines, here is a FANTASTIC interview of Jon Stewart on Bill Moyers Journal. Enjoy!


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