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I've done basic set up of profiles for [community profile] goin_my_way & [community profile] doctor_rose_fix. And [community profile] universeunfolds as well. There's still several things to tweak but it's mostly LJ links.

Does anyone know of a tool to back up a journal or community from LJ to here? I know everything is still in testing phase, so I doubt it, just thought I'd ask. I'm not expecting a mass exodus and I'm not planning on leaving LJ myself (although I am adoring the profiles here over LJ's any day) but it can't hurt to be prepared.

(PS- Irony of ironies, LJ coding works here, but my lovely Firefox cheat sheet - LJ Hook - does not.)

Date: 2009-04-15 03:04 am (UTC)
butterfly: (Home -- the Doctor and Rose)
From: [personal profile] butterfly
There's an import tool, but it isn't fully operational yet, so I was going to hold off on importing my personal lj.

Date: 2009-04-15 02:29 pm (UTC)
principia: This is an actual restaurant on the way between Orlando, FL and my family out on Florida's Gulf Coast. (Default)
From: [personal profile] principia
I imported my gajunga journal with no problem.

As you may have seen evolving in the comments to my post, they're going through a rather large quantity of sturm und drang about if and how to handle community importation because of the limitations of the current OpenID coding. They want people to be able to retain the same control over their content as they would if it were still on LJ (or IJ), but right now OpenID doesn't have the same recognition functionality for community posts and comments as it does for individual journals.

Date: 2009-04-15 05:50 pm (UTC)
principia: This is an actual restaurant on the way between Orlando, FL and my family out on Florida's Gulf Coast. (Default)
From: [personal profile] principia
Yeah, it's unfortunate. From what they were saying, it sounds like single-owner-single-poster communities are more likely candidates for importation in the near term, because then by definition they have the poster's permission to import all entries. However, that still leaves the issue of OpenID people not being able to dork around with their comments to said community... blah blah blah.

You'll lose the comments, but if it's an entry you can edit, you can cut and paste into a community here to your heart's content.

Date: 2009-04-15 03:34 am (UTC)
ct: SG-1: Sam and a laptop. Text: The one and only true ship! (COMPUTERS: generic)
From: [personal profile] ct
I explained the importer to someone else in a comment earlier today. Easier to link there than to type it out again. If you don't want to wait, I haven't heard of too many problems with it. You just have to jump through the extra hoop of manually setting your account to paid first.

If community imports are ever available, it'll be a long time from now from what I understand. There are legal issues involved in allowing community maintainers to import posts made by people who aren't them. (Legal issues which I don't fully understand, but I do know that that's the reason the importer only works on regular journals.)

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